Clear PVC Screen Wall

Title: 0.5m (W) x 1.8m (H)
Sale price£280.80


Freestanding clear PVC screen wall on flat feet. 

- Transparent, soft PVC film with good optical clarity

- Twist and lock the beams and connectors into place! To apply the PVC film, simply press the silicone edging into the comb on framework.

- Flat feet for stability

- Easy transportation - the PVC film can rolled or loosely folded 

Exact sizes available: 

1.8m Height Sizes: 2m Height Sizes:
0.5m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition
0.5m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
0.75m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition 0.75m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
1m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition 1m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
1.25 (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition  1.25 (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition 
1.5m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition 1.5m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
2m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition 2m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
3m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition 3m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition
L Shaped 1m (W) x 1.8m (H) Clear Partition L Shaped 1m (W) x 2m (H) Clear Partition

 Price includes supply of both framework and PVC screen. 

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