Risk Assessments

Now is the most important time to protect your staff and customers. A risk assessment is an essential process to protect your employees and others from harm whilst your business is open, but have you considered how your usual risk assessment may have changed whilst facing the new challenges of Coronavirus?

Take a look at our COVID-19 risk assessment template below to keep both you and your employees safe. Make sure to consider additional practical measures such as:

  • Allowing for extra space between desks or alternatively implementing partitions to divide office furniture
  • Staggering staff shifts to avoid crowding
  • Providing additional handwashing facilities or sanitiser stations throughout your facility
  • Including signage to provide information of the different precautions in your facility

Download our template here

Site Surveys

We know the thought of adapting your workplace to be COVID-secure can be daunting, that is why we are currently offering full site surveys and free consultations to support you in implementing a stress-free social distancing solution.

A site survey allows our team of experts to inspect your chosen space, to make sure we can manufacture our products to best fit and give you top professional advice before designing you a complete bespoke solution. Site surveys are great for full environment fit outs, bespoke or complete solutions, identifying any complications before designing, and even if you just need a helping hand!

If you’re looking to get hands-on and start measuring your space, check out our ‘Measuring a Desk’ guide below to ensure you pass on all the right information!

Measuring a Desk