As part of our Social Distancing solutions, we are offering a range of freestanding partitions, office divider screens, and modular walling created using T3, the world’s most versatile modular system. Supplying a range of social distancing measures for a variety of sectors and business environments, our free standing partition solutions are customisable to suit your bespoke requirements.

Modular Walling With Quick & Easy Application

With components that simply twist and lock together, creating partition walling and temporary wall dividers is easy and requires no tools. Whilst we have a range of standard shapes, sizes and fixings, our office partitions range is fully customisable to create the look and social distancing means you require. Our entire range of dividing screens and room divider wall solutions are available with the addition of our Antimicrobial coating to give you an extra level of protection.

“TecnaCare were quick to offer an extensive range of Covid-19 safety products using the T3 system. As usual, customer support was excellent, lead times short, and all at great prices.”

Richard Braddick, RB Design & Display Ltd

Why Choose TecnaCare For Your Modular Walling and Free Standing Screens?

  • Trusted UK manufacturer of office partitions – built in the UK, delivered worldwide.
  • Antimicrobial protection – every office divider screen on offer is available with our Antimicrobial coating.
  • Quick & easy install – no tools are required when installing your freestanding partitions, just simply twist and lock. Alternatively, we can install for you.
  • Full turnkey support – our team of experts are there to help along the way, from initial design down to free standing screen installation.
  • Standard or bespoke – whilst our range comes in a variety of standard sizing, a range of customisable options are also available.

Where You Can Use Freestanding Partitions

Our selection of modular walling and free standing screen solutions are suitable for a range of workplace environments including:

  • Offices & workplaces – create a safe and secure working environment without compromising on productivity.
  • Cafes, restaurants & pubs – split up seating areas, create zones, partitions, walkways, and semi-private dining areas without compromising on ambience.
  • Retail environments – create safety barriers between staff and customers.
  • Leisure, health & beauty – protect staff and customers when in contact with others.
  • Hotels & accommodation – fully optimise your space whilst keeping safe.

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