Case Studies

How TecnaCare can solve your problems.

Camberley Signs
A Blossoming Partnership

Date  - March 2020

2020 was the start of an exciting collaboration with Camberley Signs. With compatible skills and lots of experience between the two teams, the partnership began to grow exponentially. The team at Tecna UK as a result, offered Camberley Signs a dedicated account manager to familiarise them with the T3 system and create them a custom trade pricing structure. Ever since, Camberley Signs has been able to offer their customers quicker lead times and a user-friendly build experience.

The two businesses began working together at the start of 2020. Based within just a few miles of each other, and with compatible skills and experience, the partnership quickly grew, with the two businesses working together on a wide range of projects. We offered CS a dedicated account manager who familiarised them with the T3 system and created a custom trade pricing structure. CS have since been able to use T3 for where they need to offer quick lead times or projects where they want to give their customer a user-friendly build experience, or long term reconfigurability. We have also worked together on the creation of bespoke products for the social distancing market which both businesses have gone on to offer to their customers. Long term, there are plans to continue this relationship, exploring future collaboration opportunities as we see a return to exhibitions and displays.

The team at Camberley Signs are professional, hard working and knowledgeable. When we started working together at the beginning of 2020 the two businesses were a natural fit. With complimentary skills and experience we have been able to work together to service our customers with a wider range of products than ever before. Camberley Signs took to our T3 system like a duck to water and the TUK project managers have grown in confidence when it comes to all things custom, knowing they have the backing of the Camberley signs team. I look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

Reconfigurable Partition Walls

Date  - April 2020

Coherent approached us in April 2020 to identify a long-term partition walling solution for their office and warehouse. They wanted something versatile and reconfigurable that would work in both environments. We came up with a set of compatible screens of different sizes that when linked together could create walls in many different layouts. With the design agreed we manufactured over 80 different screens including the application of a logo (print direct to media). As Coherent are based in Scotland we then worked with our courier partner to find a solution to send these up pre-assembled to make the implementation really fast for the customer. From the initial order, coherent have become a regular customer, placing orders almost monthly throughout 2020 to increase their stock.

- Designing for maximum versatility
- Ensuring we provided a product that could be used in multiple different environments (office and warehouse) 

After agreeing on the design, we manufactured over 80 custom screens with printed logos, ready to ship pre-assembled to Scotland for quick implementation. From the initial order, coherent have become a regular customer, placing regular orders throughout 2020 to increase their stock.

Coherent were a fantastic customer to work with. Their challenge so early on in the development of our social distancing range has certainly helped shape some of our stock products today. It has been great to see the relationship with them develop as they have become a regular Tecna Care customer and I look forward to continuing that for years to come.

Acrylic Office Screens

Date  - June 2020

Technogym is a long-standing customer of Tecna UK, and in 2020, Technogym approached us with a project to get them back into their office safely with the use of acrylic desk dividers.

30 fabricated acrylic desk dividers fitted into Technogym head office. Stock sizes used, TecnaCare installed out of hours so we did not disrupt returning staff. Unique that this is an existing customer who used our new product range; trusted our services as a solutions provider.

- Short lead time

With only a few days before the team returned to their office, we managed to design and deliver over 30 fabricated desk dividers within the space of 48 hours. For maximum protection, we installed acrylic screens to each desk, ensuring we were working out-of-hours to avoid disruption.

Technogym, a long term Tecna UK customer, approached us to help them get back to the office safely. With just a few days until the team re-started after the first lockdown, we used stock products from our social distancing range to be on site within 48 hours. We installed acrylic screens on each desk throughout the entire office to offer maximum protection.

Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust
Turnkey Solution

Date  - November 2020

Back in November, Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust tasked us with a challenging brief for a bespoke set of partition screens to be installed within a hospital. We initially visited the hospital to carry out a full site survey and testing of bespoke products to see if they would be fit for purpose.

70+ permanent partition screens to go in between patient beds in wards across the trust. We performed a site survey initially and then designed a bespoke product and tested to ensure it was fit for purpose. We have continued to work together rolling out more screens almost weekly over the last few months as they look to add social distancing solutions across more hospitals. We offer a full turnkey service, site survey (looking for fixing points, taking measurements, working around equipment), then design, manufacture and installation. We then liaise with a cleaning team to ensure it is safe for patients to return. 

- Operating in the challenging hospital environment
- Logistics; working with the hospital staff to ensure safe distances maintained between the TecnaCare install staff and the patients
-Challenging initial brief requiring the design of a bespoke product  

After the first successful install, we are continuing to work with Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust to roll out more screens across various hospitals within the country. Delivering full turnkey support from site surveys and design, to installation and liaison with the cleaning team to ensure safety for patients to return.

It was a pleasure being able to assist the Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in their work to treat and stop the spread of COVID-19.  Designing and installing bespoke products at this scale presented a number of logistical challenges – it’s great that the team at Tecna UK were able to work through and overcome these challenges to produce a fantastic result for all involved.

Turnkey Solution

Date  - December 2020

Xeretec were an existing TUK customer that took on our social distancing product range early on in response to the coronavirus outbreak. We worked together to create bespoke marketing collateral and a trade pricing structure with standard products to enable them to engage with and quote their customers efficiently. This was successful and we delivered 19 unique projects in 2020 for both new and existing Xeretec customers. These ranged from retail screens and partition walls to thermal cameras and sanitiser stands.

Xeretec and TUK continue to work in partnership and have more projects in the pipeline for 2021, hopefully including some exhibition work!

-Some international clients meant we had to overcome logistics challenges to ensure products could travel safely and economically
-Creating a controlled customer experience (delivery, assembly, eventual dismantle and recycling) in keeping with the Xeretec holistic service their customers are used to. This included branded build plans etc.
-Varied environments and customer needs 

We successfully delivered 19 unique projects in 2020 for both new and existing Xeretec customers, ranging from retail screens and partition walls, to thermal cameras and sanitiser stands. We are continuing to work closely in partnership with Xeretec and have lots of projects in the pipeline for 2021

KX Life
High End Gym Screens

Date  - June 2020

Tecna UK worked with KX Life to design, build, and deliver partition screens to roll out across their two London health & leisure facilities. We visited to perform a full site survey and made recommendations specific to the environment, factoring in the aesthetics of the space and strict KX brand guidelines. With this in mind we suggested our deco range, using black framework to create a bold look that matched the interior design. We produced and installed these within a week, working around peak periods to ensure there was no operational disruption for the members. KX Life were very happy with the outcome and have showcased the products on their socials and website to give new and existing members confidence that they are doing everything they can to operate safely.

-Blending our products in seamlessly with the highly stylised KX gym space
-Staying within a strict brand identity
-Ensuring minimum operational disruption as the facility was open during site survey and installation   


The service from Tecna UK was impeccable, it was brilliant. We were offered a discount at a time we really needed it, without compromising on the quality or lead time. The screens themselves are faultless and suit the environment so well, it really shows they were designed just for us. The main thing is we received great feedback from our members which is exactly what we wanted. 

Social Distancing Solutions for the Office

Date  - May 2020

We installed T3 desk dividers throughout the office to ensure a safe return to work for this international IT solutions provider. This was a full turnkey service; we performed a site survey and risk assessment, made product recommendations, and then manufactured and installed the agreed upon solutions.

- Delivered mid lock down at the peak of material shortages, high demand, and newly enforced restrictions  


This project landed on my desk at the peak of demand, midway through the first lockdown. This particular IT solutions provider required immediate fulfilment to allow their staff to continue working in the office in a safe way. It was a great test of our experience, as the customer relied on us to visit site, make appropriate recommendations, and create a full risk assessment. I enjoyed putting our new knowledge to good use and we delivered a great solution which is still working for them almost a year later.