Free government lateral flow tests are ending. Do you need to find a solution for your team?

Stay safe with our unique non-invasive lower nostril rapid antigen lateral flow test kit, delivered in partnership with Hughes Healthcare and supported with the digital health platform. Costs start from £6.95 per test.

Reduce risk and find out if your team currently have COVID-19 in just 15 minutes, before arrival on site, and protect your business and employees utilising the most accurate test and tracking system on the market. The non-invasive method via the lower nostril encourages usage and gives better accuracy as its far less uncomfortable than other rapid tests, as the swab is placed just inside the nostril.

Research conducted has shown nearly half of businesses are expecting the management of Covid-19 health data to be a burden. Over a third of HR managers and business owners have said they think they will have to hire someone to manage this new administrative role, and on average businesses are expecting to spend around 8 hours a week, a full working day, managing the health data of their employees.

We are working with organisations across the workplace to help reduce this administrative burden and support the safe return to work in person.

TecnaCare have partnered with Hughes Group to provide a complete solution for your workplace, where under compliance with latest government guidelines we could help ensure a safe environment for your employees whilst keeping administration of this to a minimum for employers.

We are now offering a simple, cost effective way to ensure that all staff have tested negative before attending the office on a weekly basis, with results securely held within a digital platform.

We are offering:

  1. Clinically approved rapid antigen tests from Hughes Group, easy to use lateral flow tests with 100% accuracy (PHE Porton Down) for symptomatic & asymptomatic cases. These tests are 1 of 3 approved for home testing in the UK, and also used at all major UK airports, as well as across the world.
  2. A genuine nasal swab sample test, far more comfortable and easier to use than current deep nose & throat tests, where the testing solution is already prepared. This test is easy to do as well and one of the most accurate on the market to date.

    1. Industry leading software which links each test batch with each person and incorporates face recognition, and time stamp software to ensure a genuine result. A simple to customise dashboard ensures only information needed is shown, from the extensive digital health passport functionality available.

      1. QR code linked for easy access to office or workplace linked to result to ensure employees comply.
      2. Where required, fully managed, discreet onsite testing booths for on the day testing, for visitors for example, where test results are provided within 15 minutes

        For all enquiries or further information contact your Tecna UK account manager TODAY and let’s get the UK back to offices and face to face as soon as possible.

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