Protected by Tecna UK to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Apply an added layer of defence to create safer and cleaner environments. Our revolutionary Antimicrobial coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, successfully tested to protect against harmful viruses and bacteria.

What is Antimicrobial Coating?

Meet our new Antimicrobial coating, a revolutionary water-based formula, designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria for a long period of time.

Once applied and dried, the active technology within the coating forms an invisible layer of ‘nanospikes’. When coming into contact with viruses or bacteria, the ‘nanospikes’ begin to penetrate and destroy the cell membranes, creating an inhospitable surface for dangerous microbes. Unlike other antimicrobial coating companies, the formula bonds to a large majority of surfaces and provides surface protection that withstands even routine cleaning.

  • Can apply to a wide range of surfaces, leaving no discolouration
  • The antimicrobial coating spray is applied by our certified technicians
  • No harmful chemicals are used within our antimicrobial surface coatings, and the formula is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered
  • Effective up to 90 days from initial application
  • The formula contains no heavy metals, formaldehyde treatment, phenol groups, or odour causing agents

Proven Technology

Other than being ECHA registered, the active ingredients in our Antimicrobial coating have been successfully tested and proven to be effective on several surfaces. Protecting against viruses and bacteria, working immediately as soon as they come into contact with the coating:

  • BS EN 14476 certified
  • BS EN 1276 certified
  • ISO 21702 certified

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Beats Standard Anti Bacterial Coatings

  • The antimicrobial coating bonds to surfaces, instead of evaporating Starts working immediately to kill bacteria, viruses, mould, algae, and odours after coming into contact with the surface
  • Bonds to the surface for a long period of time and withstands routine cleaning
  • Removes both existing germs and protects against their existence
  • Environmentally-friendly – a water-based solution that doesn’t leach dangerous chemicals into the environment when applied
  • We offer safe-to-use antimicrobial coatings for medical devices and food environments, with no heavy metals or toxic chemicals used
  • Reduce cleaning costs – enhanced cleaning regimes are no longer necessary, this antimicrobial coating will give you and your staff both the protection and confidence in your environment.

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Great for a Range of Applications

Our Antimicrobial coating can be applied to a wide range of surfaces by our certified technicians. The Antimicrobial coating is most effective in high-touch-point areas including door handles, light switches, lift buttons, stair bannisters, and general communal areas. Great for offices, schools, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and many more areas. Our entire range of social distancing products are now available, upon request, to be coated with our Antimicrobial solution before dispatch, to provide an extra level of protection for your environment.

Our team of experts can either apply the coating before leaving our warehouse, or alternatively, can come to site and apply onto any of your existing products and surfaces.

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Long-Lasting Protection

Fortunately, our Antimicrobial coating does not just terminate existing surface germs, but also protects and inhibits germs from living and growing. The formula has been tested and proven to last for up to 90 days on a range of surfaces, leaving a permanent layer of protection.

Its durability on surfaces makes it a cost-effective solution, ensuring you maintain a safe and clean environment.

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The Antimicrobial coating protects surfaces from a range of viruses, bacteria, mould, algae, and odours. The coating also acts as a layer of protection for the surface itself, protecting against general wear and tear.

Our Antimicrobial coating does not use a chemical kill process, and therefore does not use or leach any harmful chemicals. Instead, the technology that our coating uses is a mechanical kill, once applied and dried, the coating creates a very thin, invisible layer of ‘nanospikes’ that penetrate the microbe it comes into contact with, destroying the cell.

The main difference between our Antimicrobial coating and a standard disinfectant is that our coating does not evaporate after being applied. It bonds to the surface and is effective for up to 90 days. It has been engineered not to allow or cause microbial adaption, resistance or mutation.

Our Antimicrobial coating can be applied to a variety of surfaces in a range of environments, including indoor and outdoor use, and in medical and food environments. It is most effective in high touch-point areas as it can dramatically reduce the risk of microbial transmission.

Our Antimicrobial coating is effective at reducing the risk of transmission to a range of bacteria, mould and fungi for up to 90 days.

Our Antimicrobial coating will not be removed by normal routine cleaning or disinfectants, it can only be removed with abrasion.

After a few minutes, the coating will be dry to touch but we recommend allowing 2 hours for the coating to completely bond to the surface it has been applied to.

Yes, there have been multiple tests done to prove the safeness and effectiveness of our Antimicrobial coating. It is non-flammable, solvent free, water-based and does not contain heavy metals, formaldehyde treatment, phenol groups or odour causing agents.

The active ingredient in the coating is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered and compliant. Our Antimicrobial Coating is also ISO 21702, BS EN 14476, and BS EN 1276 accredited.

No, our Antimicrobial coating is an additional layer of protection that eliminates bacteria for up to 90 days. With this coating’s layer of protection, you are able to go back to pre-COVID, regular cleaning methods. Other precautions should also be taken alongside such as hand-washing, mask wearing, and temperature checks.

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